Throwback: LOGIC – Blues For You (Hard Dub)

For this review, I have delved back into the ‘golden age’ of dance music and rediscovered this classic release on Strictly Rhythm Records. Not many records manage to stand the test of time, but Wayne Gardiner has managed to produce a truly mesmerising track filled with bounce, soul and relentless energy that feels as fresh today as it was nearly 20 years ago.

The variation and complexity within ‘Blues For You’ is incredible. Whether it is those strong string synths, driving low end rhythm or those classically soulful female vocals, Gardiner masterfully blends all these melodies together. One second you find yourself, eyes closed, rising with the sheer euphoric explosion of vocals; next your gun fingers are out, rising above your head as you skank when the song strips back to that infectious bass line. Available on Beatport but if you can, get it on vinyl and capture its magic on the format it began and belongs on.

– Calum Carey

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