Nextup: Slam – Parallel Phase

Slam and their beautifully dark brainchild Soma had an absolutely stunning 2015 and this far into their illustrious career they really have little left to prove. 2016 happens to be Soma’s 25th anniversary and they show no signs of slowing down.

The album itself is a proper example of some gloriously uncompromising techno, packed with atmospheric quality that the duo have become known for over the years. ‘Shadow art’ is a dark and broody chugger that has a distinctly late night feeling about it whereas ‘Morass’ appears as a more industrial inspired tune with minimalistic blips and bleeps used to great effect, an overtly more uplifting tune in its delivery. ‘Contour’ again shows the depth and skill the duo posses as producers, far slower with much less regard for the dancefloor, futuristic sounds run the course of the track and a solid bassline underpins the entire tune beautifully, a standout of the EP for me.

The lead track ‘Parallel Phase’ is the flashiest of the bunch, the most obviously dancefloor orientated, and a sign that Slam can still churn out those house party anthems with complete nonchalance. Big drops and a groovy instrumental will make this a crowd favourite but that killer bassline stops the duo from completely eschewing the more brutal side of their production they are so well-loved for.

Release date: 15.02.2016

  • Hamraj Gulamali


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