Interview: Les Yeux Orange

Les Yeux Orange started early 2013, when Noctambulo and Humangigz teamed up to share their passion of electronic music with the world. Long time record collectors and DJs, both based in Paris, they started off by uploading electronic music on their inexhaustible YouTube channel and sharing podcasts by DJs such as Willie Burns, Intergalactic Gary and Mick Wills. Joined in 2014 by two young producers, LeonxLeon and Alan Dente, they’ve organised parties with I-F, Yan Wagner, Albion, Sacha Mambo, Aroy Dee and Beppe Loda.

In 2015, they started a monthly radio show to promote new electronic music and featured many exclusive premieres of upcoming releases. Based in Paris yet simultaneously having strong links across the channel here to the UK, we caught up with the group earlier this week to get an insight into their humble beginnings and future plans

You say that you began by sharing music on YouTube, was that simply your aim to start off with?
We began by sharing music on YouTube as well as exclusive mixes. We started as a blog but our underlying aim was always to play records – be a part of the scene. The next logical step was to put on our own parties to grow locally and not just virtually and now we’re starting a label. We are in an evolutionary process.

Through my own experience of uploading music regularly on YouTube, I know copyright strikes aren’t too far away and make it a shaky foundation for building a reputation. Did you still find manage to build up a following through YouTube or did that occur from exploring other avenues such as hosting club nights?
You’re absolutely right, we lost our first YouTube channel because of three strikes, but then we found a way to get round the risk of losing hours of work. What some people seem to not understand is that by uploading their music on our YouTube channel, we help them promote their releases and share them to a larger audience, it doesn’t affect the physical sales, it helps them. If someone asks us to remove a video, we’ll do it instantly, no hard feelings. We started building a following through YouTube but also through mixes and premieres on SoundCloud, as well as locally with club nights.

You now have over 10k followers on SoundCloud and Facebook as well as thousands of subscribers on your various YouTube channels! When did you start realising that what you were doing had the potential to gather such interest?
When you spend most of the day answering emails you know there’s something going on haha ! Only joking. The premieres were a turning point, that’s when our SoundCloud and Facebook profiles started growing exponentially. Doing mixes for other platforms helped a lot too.

Your channel is built on sharing the best of new music, how do you approach finding the best new music at the moment? We all have our own ways of looking for new music. Through local record shops of course, as well as online (Piccadilly Records, Clone, Phonica…). Then there’s the social networks and their endless resources: Facebook, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. There is no clear-cut recipe.

You’ve just started a new label, congrats! I imagine that it must be quite a difficult process on getting everyone to agree what to release no? What are the plans for the label? Is there any particular sound you’re looking to promote? That’s true, it wasn’t easy to agree on the first release, but now we’re all very pleased with it. Wav Fuzz is a young producer from Portland with a lot of potential, and we think this record is a great way to start the label. We do have plans but we’ll reveal them in due course. As for the sound we’re looking to promote, nothing is set in stone. We’re into a wide range of electronic genres (house, techno, italo, balearic, ambient…) and we’d like to keep the label true to our tastes, as varied as possible, without restriction.

I see that you were involved in a night alongside Ptaki in our hometown of Manchester, how did that come about? Does one of your producers Leon x Leon’s links to Red Laser records have anything to do with that?
It could have been linked to Red Laser Records since both LeonxLeon and Alan Dente have released tracks through the Mancunian label, but it’s not the case. The funniest thing is that Alan Dente used to live in Manchester before coming to Paris and had worked at the Ruby Lounge for six months, but it didn’t come about from this connection either. We were just contacted by Sonic Sahara, a crew of young and enthusiastic promoters and DJs who put on some great events in the area.

What does 2016 have install for LYO?
The label is in its early stages, which is exciting. We’ll obviously be working on the next releases a lot this year, but also playing a fair bit in Paris, Zurich, London and probably more. LeonxLeon and Alan Dente both have EPs coming out soon too, on Red Laser Records and Bordello A Parigi.

What tunes are you diggers diggin in 2016 so far?

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