High Hoops: Honey Dijon and O’Flynn

We had approx. one week to design and implement an installation for the High Hoops night with Honey Dijon.

We took the opportunity to work with High Hoops as they’re really sound guys and Islington Mill has been on our hitlist since we started Hold Tight – it’s a hugely respected venue and home to a myriad of artist studios – so we designed a ceiling installation.

Changing the shape of the ceiling is a simple yet really cool way to change the atmosphere and feel of a venue. It’s practical, quick and looks epic when done properly. Our inspirations included a festival in Africa which Anna Maynard (one of our resident artists) had been to and an AV festival in Wales, during which time Nicole and I were running around ogling all of the installations.

We took from Weds-Friday to do the install, with members turning up during the evenings and working on it during the day too. We couldn’t set up the projectors until the day, as there was a pretty raucous (not our words!) party in the space on the Friday night.


Hold Tight x High Hoops – Islington Mill – 29 July 2016


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