Eventerview: Natural Sciences

We interviewed Natural Sciences label boss, Alex Hall, ahead of his second label night on Friday. He talked us through the lineup, brought up the whole dolphin thing and provided us with this exclusive mix.

Who are/is Natural Sciences
NS is a label run out of my flat in central Manchester.  The idea is to release brand new stuff and this to be their first record. A musical HQ for like minded weirdos if you like. So with every record should keep people guessing and not a regurgitation of the same 10 names. 

How does the label compare to the night? Why did you start doing it?
They’re similar in that they’re both shambolically run but different in that it’s an open door for DJs on other labels and friends I like to party with.  

Have you done nights in the past and what have you learnt from them? 
I’m pretty new to running nights and kinda learning on my feet to mixed results. The first was about a year ago and has picked up this legendary status (perhaps for the wrong reasons) which followed one in London which died on its feet.  It’s cool though, that kinda thing happens and that’s what makes it fun I guess. It’s also an excuse to get everyone from the label together and hang out in some beat up basement. 

Your last event was definitely one to remember. What did Jimmy say in the morning? What did you say to him? Are there going to be anymore antics – are you aiming for the same again or something wilder? 

Yeah that was a wild one. Can’t say things are going to be any different this time to be honest. We do this once a year pretty much so best make it count. After last time that guest slot of Jimmy’s has taken on this cursed vibe which is pretty hilarious – Hidden Spheres is already feeling the pressure. I thought it would be reassuring to know if you threw a wobble crowd members were on stand by to take your place?  but hey, the stage is an open platform for crowd members + DJs alikeOne steps down, another steps up. 

How will this event compare to the last in terms of lineup and sobriety of crew? Are you going to be supplying on the door or…? 
Doubt things will change that much but with the addition of dolphin inflatables and makeshift dorsal fins (Space Afrika are mean with a  power drill) all of which will be heavily discounted on the night . 

Why ‘Manchester mutants?’ 

Can’t beat a good bit of alliteration to create that pre party hysteria. Not sure really, guess it’s underground Manchester stuff and some of the music has that guttural quality to it, especially Spandex. Slimey radiated electronics for the freaks. 

What came first – the artists or the title? 
Artists gave birth to the title. I write all that nonsense on the record notes + events. 

Talk us through your lineup  for each one – how long have they lived here for and what sort of sound are they? Can you give us a YouTube link for one song from each? Why/how did you want to book them for the night in particular?
Hidden Spheres: Can’t say how long Tom (HS) has lived in Manchester but his sound is very percussive and lush and he’s a killer DJ as everyone who checked out that Eastern Bloc instore a few weeks ago will tell you. Here’s his new stuff on Rhythm Section.

Space Afrika: Every party we’ve done has been with Space Afrika. If there’s a pre-party cheeseboard or duck wrap involved you can count on them crashing it. Dub techno, ambient and plenty of that heavy stuff. Those machines get hotter every time. 

Cerebus Future Technologies: This is Ste Spandex’s label and the saviour of our night last year. A true professional of that soviet hardware.  Love everything he does. Forever pushing those chaos frequencies to warp the cellular structure. 

a.xander: That would be my new “DJ Moniker”. Seeing as DJ Dolphin and all forms of ‘Alex’  (thanks Aleks) have both been bagged I had to start digging deep. Pretty trendy, eh?

Will Boyd: A pal who also works at Boomkat so you would’ve thought his tune selection would be decent (disclaimer – he’s rather good). 

Can you give us an idea of what to expect from Natural Sciences in the next few months?
New records from Mono-Enzyme 307 and DJ Bong Gozling which you can check on SoundCloud. The first is this android punk, sci-fi acid, noise, wave stuff from France made from analogue gear and Bong Gozling is some hard hitting acid techno for bad acid trips. Few surprises on the way too.

A.xander has prepared this exclusive mix for us to provide a flavour of the night…

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