Eventerview: Jay L

We spoke to Jay L, guesting at the next Beyond a Rhythm with Frits Wentink and Rikki Humphrey, about his new label, Deep Street and his collaboration with popular mix site, Libramix.

You’ve recently launched Deep Street records with longtime collaborator Andy Mac. How has your working relationship developed throughout the years you have been working together?

Actually, we had a jam in the studio the other day and planning more. We’ll see what comes of that. Andy lives in Cornwall now – right at the bottom, just before you fall off the UK. But he’s back in Bristol fairly regularly. It’s always a lot of fun DJing together… You’d better be quick with the next record, though! We met through Luke (Typesun) and started FallingUp. The party isn’t so regular at the moment, but when the stars align it’s always nice.

We’ve got similar attitudes to music and are both into a pretty broad range of stuff. Deep Street is a platform for the more electronic side of things. We don’t want to box ourselves in, but there’ll be a thread.

Andy is collaborating with Pev on the first Deep Street release. How did this come about?

Probably through lots of cups of tea…

Andy’s first release was on Punch Drunk [Pev’s record label]. He and Tom got together for some jams. Their first release was the excellent Trilogy Tapes 12″.  There will be more. It’s sporadic, but organic.

You’ve done a couple of mixes with Vancouver based, Moodhut-affiliated site, Libramix. How do your Libra mixes differ from your club sets? How did you get involved with the series?

I met Jack, Liam (PSS) and Tanner (Hashman Deejay) in Bristol a couple of years ago after a gig – they were playing for Idle Hands at Cosies. Me and Andy were playing somewhere else, but I ended up back at the shop for a chill. We were just geeking out over records, playing stuff. Jack mentioned the Libra series and got in touch with an invite. A few months later I finally got around to recording a mix for them.

How do those mixes differ from club sets? Well, the second one was recorded in a pub in Bristol on a Sunday, so that’s a completely different thing to to what i’d be playing at 2 in the morning on a Saturday night!… The first Libramix I did goes more into club territory, but then with mixes, I always find it hard to reflect what you’d play in a club when it’s just you in a room with no crowd to vibe off. Djing in a club is a completely different thing. Recording mixes is a nice opportunity to tell a story, or have a theme, or play things you wouldn’t usually bang out. What happens in the club, stays in the club (and in the vague memories of those who attended).

Catch Jay L at the next Beyond a Rhythm on Friday 14th October, 2016.

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