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Throwback event: Bohemian Grove presents Trus’Me and Space Afrika

Bohemian Grove are a much loved mainstay in Manchester’s underground scene. The heads most certainly turn out for what are always stellar bookings but[and] the vibe is downright charming from start to finish. Last Friday was no different when they brought in local boys Space Afrika to support another local, Trus’me, for a summertime shindig that […]

Nextup: Floorplan – Music/Tell You No Lie

Earlier this year, Robert Hood announced he’d be returning to his Floorplan alias in 2016 with his first full scale album under that moniker since his widely acclaimed ‘Paradise’ EP back in 2013. The eleven track album will be released on June 10th and will be produced with the aid of his 18 year old […]

Nextup: Slam – Parallel Phase

Slam and their beautifully dark brainchild Soma had an absolutely stunning 2015 and this far into their illustrious career they really have little left to prove. 2016 happens to be Soma’s 25th anniversary and they show no signs of slowing down. The album itself is a proper example of some gloriously uncompromising techno, packed with […]

Throwback 2015: Top five labels

We thought then we’d at least try and be a little more interesting, so here (in my totally biased and extremely techno-centric opinion), are the top five record labels of 2015…

Nextup: Jet Lag – Kalden Bess

Kalden Bess is a young (in the game) producer from Canada who seems to have his feet firmly rooted in the underground. He recently dropped a three track EP on the Organism label, which included two remixes to round off the package. Organism is one of those beautifully understated labels with a backcatalogue of around […]

Nextup: Roberto Capuano – Obsessed

What I love about Drumcode is its consistency – releases are always undeniably well produced. Many Drumcode releases follow a similar structure of bass heavy belters that are most likely to be found ‘in the rave’. Similarly to a lot of Dense and Pika‘s back catalogue, Drumcode tracks end up everywhere, from Beatport’s top 100 to that house […]

Nextup: Hans Bouffmyhre – Down the Drain

Hans Bouffmyhre is at it again, the guy is only 25 and he’s already charted a bunch of releases on esteemed techno labels and runs Sleaze Records, one of my favourite UK based techno outfits, at the same time. This latest release sees him dropping a two track EP on Decoy which includes a tantalizingly good […]

Nextup: Mumbai Science – Black Hole (Floorplan Remix)

About a month ago, a remix by Robert Hood was featured on Gary Martin’s latest release. Hood used this opportunity to showcase his airtight production skills and all-round ability to throw out a stomper, regardless of which moniker he releases under. This month he’s back at it, throwing out another remix, this time however, he’s […]

Nextup: Mark Broom – Stunned 97/Decay

After more than two decades in the game Mark Broom has probably seen it all. What others may not have seen however, is anyone other than Robert Hood dropping a track on his M-Plant label, as the majority of the label’s catalog is made up almost entirely from releases by Hood himself. Nevertheless, Broom has released on […]

Nextup: Rebekah – Confined Heart/Kill Floor

The two words Rebekah and Soma in the same sentence should be enough to get most heads excited before a single hi-hat is laid down and with good reason. Rebekah is someone whose music you never want to miss – her production is so tight that she makes it sound easy – a true mark […]

Nextup: FJAAK – Gewerbe 15/Rush

It has been a glorious week, new releases from the likes of Gary Beck, Nicolas Massayeff and even a remix from the legend himself Robert Hood, have literally been music to my ears over the past few days. In the midst of this FJAAK dropped their latest 12″ ‘Gewerbe 15/Rush’ on the 50 Weapons label, and […]

Throwback: Surgeon – Atol

Later this month, Anthony Childs, a.k.a Surgeon will grace the city of Manchester with his presence. Bringing a plethora of stomping techno records straight out of the darkest corners and most unexplored spaces of the Berghain, he’ll be smiling away as he delivers yet another one of his uniquely unrelenting, but appealing sets. Surgeon’s upcoming appearance […]

Nextup: Aeroplane – Dancing With Each Other

Aeroplane a.k.a Vito De Luca is back at it, dropping another EP, ‘Page One is Love’, on the wildly successful Eskimo Recordings label. This time he’s moving away from the balaeric sound he normally employs with a stated intent of trying to re-connect with the style and simplicity found in early house tracks from the […]

Nextup: Mark Henning – Sideways

Soma have had one hell of a year thus far and longtime collaborator Mark Henning‘s latest release on the label only adds to the quality of this years catalogue. Henning has been releasing on Soma since 2008 and the partnership has been a happy one. Old skool tracks such ‘Moody Bastard‘ and ‘I lost my brain at Wrinchout’ […]

Throwback guide: minimal vs. maximal techno

This month we’ve released two sub-genre guides, one on minimal techno and the other focusing maximal techno. The aim is to give a bit of a background to the two sub-genres and also throw out some pretty mint tunes from the past 30 years or so. This week, we’ll be looking at the two sub-genres together, and […]

A guide to… maximal techno

A couple weeks ago we opened up the first of our monthly features by focusing on ‘minimal’ techno and provided a brief look into its history and development with some of genres most important producers, labels and tracks. This week we’ll be going in the opposite direction and having a look at the ‘maximal’ sound. […]

A guide to… minimal techno

This month we’ll be bringing you a series of features focusing on both ‘minimal’ and ‘maximal’ techno. We’re starting on the minimal side of things by throwing out a few tracks produced from some of the biggest names in the genre, dropped on some of its most important labels. If this gets you interested in the history […]

Nextup: Scuba – Drift (Mr Tophat and Art Alfie Remix)

A couple of years ago the Swedish duo of Mr Tophat and Art Alfie dropped ‘Marlboro Light‘ and simultaneously launched their own label ‘Karlovak’, geared unashamedly towards the club. With plenty of releases in tow, the duo have established themselves as producers who know what they want to do (rock a dancefloor) and they do it […]

Interview: Truss

Last month Tom Russell released his first solo album ‘Kymin Lea’ since 2012, under his Truss moniker. With this in mind I caught up with him to a few questions and get an insight to the mind of a man who loves The Smashing Pumpkins just as much as he does the UK’s early rave scene. Truss has had […]

Feature: Dense and Pika (Coil)

Dense and Pika emerged towards the end of 2011 under slightly mysterious circumstances, dropping their first few tracks on their own white label ‘Dense and Pika’ and initially refraining from confirming their identities, preferring instead to let their music do the talking. This tactic is of course utterly dependent on being able to produce high […]