Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing started nearly 5 years ago on a Tuesday night at a 90 capacity club in Manchester, formerly known as The Attic. The inaugural line-up was Xxxy, Geoim, Guido and one hit wonder, Lojik. The intention was to leave our own personal stamp on a city as musically rich as Manchester. Ambitious yes, but we like to think we’ve achieved that.

The night started how we intended to go on, a fusion of bass music, ‘future’ garage & house, a quip we’d coined as forward thinking bass music (if you don’t believe us, try and find a night using that term pre March 2010).

Over the past four years Selective Hearing’s music policy has veered away from the bassy, garage side of the electronic music spectrum, and moved into the realms of House & Techno and all that falls between. We felt this was a natural progression as our tastes matured and our resident’s sounds and selections followed suit. Whilst we still appreciate the sounds we were formerly associated with, we feel our tastes and knowledge as a collective is best suited to House & Techno, which is prevalent in with our bookings.

Since our first event, we’ve hosted events in most of the major cities in the UK, including Leeds, where we now host a monthly night at various venues around the city. London, Liverpool, Newcastle and for a while Bath (although you could say it’s hardly a major city) have also all had the Selective Hearing treatment.

Our bookings have brought a plethora of quality names, including: Levon Vincent, Marcel Dettmann, to Surgeon & Ben Klock, to Bondax & Dj EZ, DJ Rashad (RIP) Mano Le Tough to John Talabot and countless other main stay names side by side with up and coming artists to various cities across the UK. We hosted Disclosure’s first live set in Manchester, 2 years ago at Joshua Brooks and gave debuts to the likes of Karenn, Koreless, Happa, Bondax, Tessela, South London Ordnance, Leon Vynehall, Anthony Naples, Boddika, Clouds, Akkord, George Fitzgerald, Jay Daniel, Dense & Pika, Palms Trax and many, many more. We’ve also played a role in securing local and obscure talent, names like Stickman (PYC) Shy One, Elsewhere (PYC), Klaus, Basic Audio, Winter Son, Pris and more.

The balance between Headliner and emerging talent helped maintain the musical balance and showed we were driven primarily about music and not cramming headliners onto what usually becomes a less than cohesive line up. As we approach half a decade we’ll strive to bring the very best electronic acts to our parties, be it a bring your own booze warehouse party, an intimate 200 capacity venue, or 1000 people getting buck wild in a warehouse we have the same ethos at them all; amazing sound, well thought out line ups, great spaces and an even better vibe.

We’ve partnered Dimensions festival for the past three years and look forward to working with them over the coming years whilst hopefully branching out into more European and UK festivals. In addition, our roster of residents consists of some amazing production and DJ talent and we are proud to sight names such as South London Ordnance, Versa, Tessela & Ste Roberts as current and past residents alongside the ever present Reflec, Olsen, Kahwe & co-founder Bam.

Selective Hearing has never been about following the crowd or jumping on the band wagon of successful scenes, we prefer to think we make the crowd, and create the scene, or at least contribute heavily to it. If you’ve never been to one of our parties, then we recommend you do, they’re a ball. You could say we’re a night for the music heads out there, but we don’t care if you’ve never heard of our headliner before, we just want you to dance.


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