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Throwback event: Bohemian Grove presents Trus’Me and Space Afrika

Bohemian Grove are a much loved mainstay in Manchester’s underground scene. The heads most certainly turn out for what are always stellar bookings but[and] the vibe is downright charming from start to finish. Last Friday was no different when they brought in local boys Space Afrika to support another local, Trus’me, for a summertime shindig that […]

Throwback event: WHP X MIF Day & Night

Where to start with The Warehouse Project? For the past 10years Manchester has witnessed the birth of one the country’s biggest dance music event institutions – barer of plaudits but also a fair amount of controversy. Regardless, it has become the focal point of Manchester’s clubbing scene and the driving force behind the big room […]

Nextup: Boddika & Joy Orbison – TMTT

In typical Boddika & Joy Orbison fashion, the release of TMTT has been delayed to the pivotal point of its popularity, generating as much hype as possible. ‘TMTT’ first appeared in Joy O’s Essential Mix last July and it wasn’t long before the YouTube rips of various tracks started to appear, claiming to be a product of the […]

Throwback: Floating Points – J&W Beat

It’s amazing that this Floating Points record is 6 years old, released on ‘Planet Mu’ in the summer of 2009. Despite it being one of his earliest releases, it’s still fresh and forward thinking, proving Sam Shepherd’s ability to produce timeless electronic music. The A-side, ‘J&W Beat’, has a sharp start, but soon transcends into something bouncy and […]

Nextup: Novelist- Yakuta Riddim

More than just an MC, The Square member Novelist is an accomplished producer with a style heavily based on golden era grime. He’s got a knack for the asymmetric percussion and oddball synths of yesteryear, although for Nov it’s to studied effect rather than a by product of making outsider garage. In ‘Yakuta Riddim’ he’s […]

Nextup: Finn- Keep Calling (Fallow’s Keep Ballin’ Remix)

Local Action boy Finn making arguably his first swipe at recognisability outside of boxed and blog-grime circles with the ‘Finn Remixed’ EP out now. Featuring two remixes (the other seeing DJ Q on bassline tip) of his jerky party classic ‘Keep Calling’ as well as re-works of ‘My My’ and ‘Only Boy’, the producers deliberately weren’t given […]

Nextup: Stormzy & Section Boyz- Not That Deep Remix

Catapulting from a Youtube street sensation to MOBO winning star in what feels like the blink of an eye, Stormzy keeps proving himself one of the UK’s most talented and hungry rappers. In this remix of his breakthrough hit ‘Not That Deep’ he brings in his friends and associates the Section Boyz, a slightly oddball […]

Nextup: Novelist x Mumdance- 1 Sec

Novelist and Mumdance’s fruitful partnership opens a new chapter in their 1 Sec EP released today, the date of MC Novelist’s 18th birthday. The unlikely duo had a breakout hit last year in ‘Take Time’, and this new collaboration is largely an extension of the sound they hit upon. Clanging, squelching drum machines and vintage […]

Throwback: The B15 Project feat. Mr Vegas- Birmingham Crew

Brummie garage crew The B15 Project with the UKG banger ‘Birmingham Crew’. Impossible to go wrong with a dextrous, skittering ragga vocal from Mr. Vegas over a beefy speed garage backing. Apparently only pressed to white label initially, but now available on iTunes under the title of ‘Mr Vegas– Western End (B15 Project Birmingham Crew […]

Nextup: Big Shizz- 2 Di Wurrrll

It’s not rare for an artist to MC and produce at the same time. Characters like Wiley, Skepta and Footsie make as many beats as they do bar over them. However for some reason I didn’t expect it from Big Shizz, an up and coming MC often seen lurking around sets, including the Lord of […]

Nextup: Glenn Astro & Max Graef – M$001

Beatmaking Dilla would enjoy. If this is what 2015 sounds like, bring it on.

Throwback: Bert’s Tunes of 2014

Lil Spook- Black Silk [February 2014] Lil Spook (AKA Spooky Black) seems to have seized on a zeitgeist with this mixtape, bringing him a fair amount of mainstream and critical recognition. It’s not hard to see why- the lethargic, woozy ballads are beautifully crafted, taking in hip-hop and RnB through a melancholy 80s pop filter. Comparisons […]

Nextup: GFOTY- Friday Night (SOPHIE Remix)

Full disclosure here: this might not actually be a track but a really good mix, as it’s ripped from the continually mysterious SOPHIE’s boiler room set and contains elements of at least 3 tracks (vocals from SOPHIE’s ‘Lemonade’ and GFOTY’s ‘Friday Night’ with an unknown instrumental), the title here is largely hearsay. The beat is a […]

Nextup: The Square- Pengaleng

Much has been made of the new generation of grime, both by myself and similarly pretentious bloggers so I’m gonna keep this simple. The Square is a grime crew from Lewisham who’ve been making serious waves lately, off the back of their ‘The Formula’ mixtape and various solo efforts. The most high profile members are […]

Nextup: Session Victim – See You When You Get There

German duo Session Victim released their instantly recognisable anthem ‘Good Intentions’ on a phenomenal four-part vinyl series back in 2012 and for the past two years have kept a relatively low profile. However, this is about the change with the release of their second album ‘See You When You Get There’, a 12 track-er which brings […]

Nextup: Skepta Ft. Young Lord- It Ain’t Safe

Skepta linking up with Young Lord (AKA A$AP Bari) here on the Grime-infused throwback Hip-Hop track ‘It Ain’t Safe’. From the relaxed tempo to the new flow and collaborator, it’s obvious that Skepta’s looking across the atlantic for inspiration (maybe even an audience?). However with his recent production and direction work this feels more like […]

Nextup: Rabit Ft. Riko Dan- Black Dragons

The nigh-on google proof Rabit here with the latest release from Glacial Sounds, a Dublin based grime/ bass imprint. Despite having been around for around a year and a half, the track is only now getting a release, with a fresh vocal from ex-Roll Deep MC Riko Dan and a video to boot. The beat […]

Nextup: Caribou – Our Love

It’s hard to deny that Dan Snaith is a very intelligent man. Holding a PhD in pure mathematics from Imperial College London, the contents of which read like a selection of rejected Aphex Twin track names, he’s obviously operating in a different sphere to a lot of the DJs and producers that he is often […]

Nextup: How To Dress Well- Repeat Pleasure (AG Cook Remix)

The Malcolm McLaren of fucking with dance purists turns his sights to the insipid shores of indie R&B artist How To Dress Well. AG Cook’s label, PC Music, are causing a furore in the world of electronic music with their defined yet nigh- inarticulable aesthetic, with artists like SOPHIE, GFOTY and Hannah Diamond making music […]

Nextup: Future Brown- Wanna Party ft. Tink and 3D Na’Tee (Remix)

Head to toe in HBA and boasting a membership rota of grimey, ethereal futurists Fatima Al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu and J-cush, Future Brown has to be the one of the most exiting (and coolest) groups around. Luckily they add up to the sum of their parts with icy trap banger ‘Wanna Party’, the extended remix of […]