“We’re a small team of music lovers who put on events around the UK.  We’ve hosted parties in Thai restaurants, art galleries, warehouses and boats.  Our aim is to keep showcasing the best in upcoming and emerging electronic dance music from around the world.”
Started from humble beginnings in North-West Leicestershire, Waxed Music has grown to a clubbing brand across 4 cities and a music blog / website.  Our plans to take Waxed Music further are set in stone, with bigger events and more interaction with the public and a clothing line to launch in Autumn/Winter 2014.
Were run by 2 music lovers, Sam (SLB) & Anand (Big D).  SLB had been into skating for years, followed closely by listening to electronic music – when you turn 18 you look for places to go out only a few look at where to put on events, Waxed was born. Big D had been about promoting for several years when the 2 met, a bond was made and Waxed Music has taken flight.  Our love for new and emerging electronic music, coupled with the willingness to take a risk pushed us on further to develop Waxed Music.
In 2012 we put on our first event in London at an Art Gallery in Bethnall Green, since then we have hosted over 24 events in Nottingham, Leicester & Manchester with artists stretching from Annie Mac to Karma Kid, DJ Format to Lenzman.  Our roots are firmly in Drum & Bass but our brand generally covers House, Bass & Garage that we also enjoy playing.  We also work with a number of Festivals incl. Horizon Festival & Outlook Festival as well as bigger brands like Hospitality, Original Sin Events & Dbe
Currently were eagerly awaiting the start of our Autumn Series in Manchester with Celsius, Girl Unit & Matt Jam Lamont to name a few, but we’re also hosting our 2nd birthday a month later in November of this year.  We’re also supporting Eton Messy at KOKO in September, Redlight, Zinc & TCTS in October and playing at 18 years of Hospitality in November!
In 2015, we’re launching in Brighton, there’s also talk of Bristol and we’re in discussions of throwing a party together in Bangalore, India & Mannheim, Germany.  We’ll also be co-hosting a stage at Horizon Festival in Bulgaria.”
Catch Waxed on:

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